Bucket Baskets For Hydroponics

Bucket Baskets

Are you a Do  It Yourselfer who wants to build your own Deep Water Culture bucket based hydroponic system that rivals the commercial systems? Well, let us show you these beauties! These bucket basket lids are awesome!    The durable black plastic is UV resistant and has the net basket built right in!

Hydroponic Bucket Basket 10-In
Hydroponic Bucket Basket 10-In

These bucket baskets are not only excellent for Deep Water Culture systems, but they work great for Aeroponic systems and a wide variety of other hydroponic systems.  Imagine not having to cut holes in you bucket lids and seat your baskets.    Just add an air stone, some tubing and an air pump to any 5 gallon bucket that you can get at home depot or lowes.   Snap this Bucket Basket on top and there you have an awesome hydroponic DWC setup.

It doesn’t get easier than that!   You will find these hydroponic bucket baskets to be the same top quality that is offered on the commercial systems.    If you are not a do-it-yourself type of person, then look at this complete DWC Hydroponic System.

Bucket Baskets For DWC Hydro Systems
Bucket Baskets For DWC Hydro Systems

Check out the 6-inch bucket basket or the 10-inch bucket basket.   For larger hydroponic systems, a 25 pack of the 6-inch bucket basket can be found here!

These are really wonderful hydroponic products.   They snap snugly on top of most 5 gallon buckets and they are very ruggedly built.   The plastic that they are made from is nice and flexible, which is great so they won’t break.    People are even using these in aquaponic systems, which is a hydroponic setup where fish co-exist with the plants.   Really cool idea!

Whatever you are growing, these bucket baskets are sure to be of great value to your hydroponic system.


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