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Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture, also referred to as DWC, is a very common and effective method of hydroponic gardening. In deep water culture hydroponic systems, plants are suspended in net cups above a reservoir of water with hydroponic nutrients. The water is fed oxygen by means of an air pump, plastic tubing and water stones that are typically used for aquariums.

Once established in your DWC Hydroponic System, the plant’s roots extend down into the nutrient solution and oxygen rich water. The growth is explosive, as plants love and thrive in the oxygen and nutrients. In addition, there is a pocket of air between the lid of the DWC Hydroponic System and the top of the liquid. That air becomes very humid due to the bubbling of oxygen in the water.

In DWC Hydroponic Systems, plant are usually grown in clay pebbles, also known as hydroton in the net pots. This gives the plants support while they grow lush, vibrant and strong.

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