LED Grow Lights – HQRP 28W Blue + Red Plant Grow Light Panels

LED Grow Lights are one of the latest innovations used in hydroponic systems today.   Conventional gardeners also are finding that they work wonders in starting their flower and vegetable plants from seeds. These grow lights are so popular with hydroponic gardeners, because the use much less power and provide excellent lighting that plant love.  In fact, LED Grow Lights like these help plants grow to their optimum health and reach their fullest potential.

28W LED Grow Light - Blue and Red
28W LED Grow Light – Blue and Red

These LED grow lights come in mixed colors of red and blue, providing the light spectrum that plants respond to very nicely.  This kit provides two panels, each with 165 Red LED lights that emit 650 nm and 60 Blue LED lights that emit 465 nm.  Each panel consumes only 14 watts of power, making this a very energy efficient option for hydroponic lighting.

The different colors of LEDs in this grow light serve different purposes.   The combination of the Red and Blue LED lights in this product have been chosen to give you the best results. The way it works is the Blue LED lights (465nm) provide peak chlorophyll absorption in the plant, which enhances vegetative growth.


LED Grow Light Panel
LED Grow Light Panel Giving Off Light That Plants Love!

The Red LED lights (630nm), on the other hand, assist in the absorption of nutrients by the chlorophyll.  This optimizes the photosynthesis process, which encourages budding and flowering of your plants.

This 28 watt LED Grow light system comes with everything you need to mount it and set it up, so that they are at the optimum distance from your plants.   These units do not emit any harmful infrared rays or ultraviolet radiation that can destroy plants.  You can get these Grow lights real close to the plants, since they give off very little heat.

These LED Grow Lights are a real steal, at $64.95.   The HQRP 28W 450 LED Blue + Red Plant Grow Light comes with two panels.    If you only want one panel, you can get the HQRP 14W 225 LED Blue + Red Plant Grow Light.

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