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Grow Lights

Proper lighting is essential for healthy plant growth. Plants depend on light for photosynthesis, which is a process where plants convert light into energy. These plant grow lights are excellent for hydroponics and starting seeds indoors. They are different than ordinary lights in that they are designed to produce the light spectrum that is best suited for optimum plant growth. Here, you will find many options, like fluorescent grow lights and the newer popular LED grow lights.


HQRP QUAD LED Grow Light Panel

The all new High Power QUAD LED Grow Light is truly amazing!  It is the perfect grow light for all varieties of plants …

LED Grow Light Panel

LED Grow Light – HQRP 14W Blue + Red Plant Grow Light

If you are just starting out with hydroponic gardening and are on a budget, this LED Grow Light is perfect for you.  …