Hydro Grow Room Complete With Emily’s Garden

Complete Hydroponic System
The Hydro Grow Room

Are you looking for an all inclusive indoor garden grow room that doesn’t take a lot of space?

The Hydro Grow Room Complete is your answer!  Measuring only 2′ x 2′ x 4′, this compact system is a hydroponic gardener’s dream!

Hydro Grow Room Complete

The Hydro Grow Room Tent with Emily’s Garden complete system is a top shelf product ! It is the best in indoor gardening in a tight space! The tent is light blocking on the outside and reflective on the inside, to maximize your control of lighting on your plants.

This turn key systems comes ready to grow today with:

  • 2′ x 2′ x 4′ Tent
  • Multi-Pin timer
  • An adjustable light hanger
  • Emily’s Garden hydroponic system
  • 4″ Carbon Filter
  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • a 150 watt HPS Light System
  • 4″ non-insulated ducting
  • A TD-100 fan.

The only things you will need to get started growing is:

Included with this system is Emily’s Garden Hydroponic System, made by HydroFarm.

Emily's Garden Hydroponic System
Emily’s Garden Hydroponic System

Emily’s Garden Hydroponic System is a 16″ x 24″ x 6″ garden that includes 6 individual planters.  This system allows you to rotate or add new plants as you would like to.

Emily’s Garden Hydroponic System Includes:

• 2 Gallon Reservoir
• Air Pump & Tubing
• Seed Starter Cubes
• Nutrient pH Test Kit
•  Six 6″ x 6″ x 7″ Planters
• Formed Cover
• Water level indicator
• Illustrated Instructions

With the Emily’s Garden Hydroponic System that is included in the Hydro Grow Room Complete, you will be growing quality plants in no time!   With a compact 2 foot square foot print and only 4 feet high, you can easily grow six plants that will thrive!


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