Hydroponic Nutrients For Strawberries

Did you ever want to grow delicious strawberries all year long?   Growing strawberries using hydroponic systems may be exactly what you are looking for!  But in order to grow strawberries hydroponically, you need hydroponic nutrients that are specifically formulated for strawberry plants to have optimum results.

Hydroponic Nutrients For Strawberries

Urban hydroponics has formulated the best hydroponic nutrients for strawberries on the market!   Their blend is based on the famous “Master Blend Fertilizer” and they have added the optimum amounts of Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate.   This makes the Urban Hydroponic Strawberry Fertilizer have a 24-12-32 NPK ratio, will all the extra added micro-nutrients that strawberries love!

How Much Nutrient Solution Can I Make With These Hydroponic Nutrients For Strawberries?

Hydroponic Nutrients For Strawberries
Urban Hydroponic Strawberry Nutrients


Each bag of water soluble hydroponic nutrients for strawberries makes about 200 gallons of nutrient solution, when mixed with the proper amounts of water.   Your strawberries will be sweet and delicious.  Packed with vitamins and minerals.   Much better quality then what is commonly available at stores.

This small bag of strawberry fertilizer is more than enough for many seasons of growing and the price is great!  Growing strawberries hydroponically has many advantages!   There is less disease, more productions and plants are healthier.



Other Then Quality Hydroponic Nutrients For Strawberries, What Else Do I Need To Know?

When you grow strawberries, it is important to provide the strawberry plants with proper water, nutrients and lighting.    It is important that your strawberry plants get at least 8 hours of light but preferably 12 hours.   When growing strawberries hydroponically inside, these LED Grow Lights work wonderfully.  Natural sunlight is excellent for strawberries, too!

Strawberries are a self pollinating plant.  You can increase production, however, by taking a small paint brush an pollinating the flowers by gently dabbing each flower with the brush.   By following these guidelines and using these hydroponic nutrients for strawberries, you will have a bumper crop of delicious strawberries that will delight you!

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