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FoxFarm Hydroponic Nutrients

FoxFarm Liquid Fertilizer Nutrient Trio

FoxFarm Trio Hydroponic Nutrient Pack FoxFarm makes some amazing fertilizers for hydroponic gardening.  Save a bundle on a three pack of their best …


Net Pots for Hydroponics

Net Pots In hydroponic gardening, net pots are frequently used, because they offer superior drainage with they narrow slits on the sides …

Plant!T Clay Pebbles

Grow Media – Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles Hydroponic Growing Media If you’re looking for a neutral growing medium for your hydroponics setup, this is what you want.  …

FloraSeries Performance Pack

Hydroponic Nutrients Kit – FloraSeries Performance Pack

Hydroponic Nutrients Complete Kit Feeding plants the proper nutrients is a very important aspect of hydroponic gardening.  This FloraSeries Performance Pack is …